Monday, March 13, 2017

Protest Dancing

Freiburg's new university library remains in the news. End of last year an entrance door to the cafeteria that wheelchair users could not pass was changed from architecturally inclined (following the glass surface of the building) to regular vertical causing an outcry of the architect.

Flooding due to an intentionally clogged toilet on a Sunday earlier this year caused considerable damage to ceilings and floors. Presently rumors are circulating.

The situation concerning bicycle parking around the library has become dramatic. Although the area in front of the library is vast Red Baron has to find its way around bicycles blocking the footpath during the daytime. When the new boulevard will open in 2018, the new "old" university campus will take shape too. Until then, the bicycle parking situation has to be solved.

Just opposite to the library at the corner of Werthmannstraße/Rempartstraße, there is a fountain that has not seen water for years. Some years ago, due to financial reasons, the city of Freiburg had reduced the number of fountains operated by the municipality. Following a public outcry, a couple of firms and institutions took over the patronage of many of those abandoned fountains sponsoring water supply and maintenance. However, the one between the university library and the university canteen remained dry, possibly due to the continuing building activity in the area.

In looking for an additional bicycle storage area, the city is considering the surface of the waterless fountain that is however unofficially used by a self-organized dancing scene for it takes two to tango. In protest against the plans of the city, the dancers organized an around-the-clock dancing last Saturday. The protest dancing is documented in the following photo.
University library and municipal theater are seen in the background (©Der Sonntag/Rothermel)

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