Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The End of a Bratwurst War

There is a German proverb: Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei (There is one end to everything only a sausage has two). Finally Freiburg's bratwurst war only had one and I may say a lucky end too.

Remember: initially there were eight places for vendors of grilled sausages on Münster market but their number had been reduced to five making room for a diversified offer with a veggie, a fish and a regional product stand. When the bids for the remaining five bratwurst stands came in two of the traditional vendors failed the conditions and had to leave.

In the following rumors and internal quarrels spoiled the appetite of many a wurst eater in such a way that the top contender bio (organic) butcher Hügle aggressed by his contenders eventually threw the towel. This created a slot for the initially disdained bratwurst vendor Uhl leaving the people at Hauber's Wurststand still weeping. Recently they had announced to go to court.

Suddenly yesterday the situation turned dramatically. Twice the city had asked for bids for a stand selling regional products but both vendors chosen eventually withdrew. In this situation the town hall toing and froing decreed that the open slot will be attributed to Hauber.

From April 1, on (what a foolish date) we shall have peace again on Münster market with six vendors offering the Lange Rote in a bun or in half a baguette plus other types of bratwurst at the Meier's, Hassler's, Hauber's, Uhl's, Licht's, and Schuler's stands. In addition and hopefully with a correct German orthography the already existing tofu stand as well as Faths and not Fath's fish-snacks will fill the remaining two slots.

After (©BZ/Ingo Schneider)

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