Sunday, April 2, 2017


Should I congratulate myself? Today I am publishing my 500th blog. Red Baron likes keeping a diary that at the same time will serve entertaining his American friends.

One detail however spoils my joy; a bot this time located somewhere in the States and in France? is hacking my blog resulting in a fake visitor's statistics.

Today's blogging will be light presenting you with a couple of spring photos I took at the Wiehre quarter where I live. Here is what I see from my kitchen window for breakfast:

Here is what I look at when walking down Maria-Theresia-Straße:

Did you know that at the Wiehre along Urachstraße we have a Kunstmeile (Mile of Art, Artist's Mile, Art Mile)?

Badisches Saugkalb (Baden Sucking Calf) by Astrid Hohorst (2009) 

Frecher Fratz (Naughty Mug) by Thaddaeus Hüppi (2005)
Spring not only brings new blossoms but new flags too for Freiburg's sister cities on Kaiserbrücke. So we are well prepared for the Partnerschaftsmarkt, the 9th International Meeting of Freiburg's Sister Cities, on June 23 and 24.

Madison's flag renewed

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