Saturday, April 29, 2017


Red Baron blogged about Brezeln (pretzels) before. Toddlers in strollers sucking lye pretzels are common to Freiburg's streetscape. This is why today's article in the Badische Zeitung about a traditional Freiburg baker buying deep-frozen pretzels in Swabia and selling them crisped up on Baden territory stirred up the minds of Freiburgers. What should comfort the local population somewhat is the form of the pretzel presented in the newspaper article. It clearly shows a Bavarian Brezn and not a Swabian Brezel.

Bavarian Brezn with "highly" attached arms (©Wikipedia)

Swabian Brezel with arms below and a belly showing a hernia
(©Guido Augustin)
Still the local pretzel scene is uneasy. Reporters questioned local bakers and all except one faithfully promised to bake their own pretzels while discounters sell crisped up pretzels using cheap deep-frozen Teiglinge (pieces of dough) formed in Poland and even further away in Romania. Many people are fighting globalization should we fight Europization?

Let taste decide the pretzelgate although toddlers are no impartial judges. For them it is the salt crust that counts (very bad)and this is often thicker on cheap pretzels.

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