Sunday, April 9, 2017

Circle of Friends Day

Today on Palm Sunday the Tag der Freundeskreise took place at the premesis of the Volkshochschule Freiburg (VHS).

At its stand the Freiburg-Madison-Gesellschaft informed visitors about its yearly program, its contacts to the citizens of Madsison, WI., its commitment to the Academic Year in Freiburg (AYF), and its close collaboration with the Carl-Schurz-Haus. We showed films about Madison and distributed flyers.

Special attention was given to the Prairie Project at Freiburg's Mundenhof.

We had some special guests from Madison, here together with FMG's President Toni Schlegel.

In the meantime Red Baron gave his talk about: Von badischen Revolutionären zu Forty-Eighters. For those of you who read German; here is the link to a pdf-file. You may as well look at the pictures.

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