Sunday, April 16, 2017

LEDs on Freiburg's Münster Church

Just in time for Easter Freiburg's Münster church is presented in a proper light. Landmarks around Germany are generally illuminated during night hours but the Münster had been treated as a stepchild in the past. A couple of years ago spotlights at neighboring buildings using light bulbs did the job until is was acknowledged that their energy consumption was unacceptable for a green city.

It happened that seven years ago Germany's federal government promoting LED illumination for public buildings asked cities to submit proposals. Freiburg was selected among all those who had sent their suggestions to Berlin. For the illumination of the Münster alone the city received 750,000 euros.

The new lighting comprised 55 spots imbedded in the ground and 64 distributed around the church. From the beginning people complained that the new illumination was too dim, an experience Red Baron had made when changing his light spots at home to LEDs; always select a more intense light source than recommended, i.e., choose LEDs of higher watts.

Soon the lighting around the Münster became even dimmer as many of the 55 spots imbedded in the ground became wet and conked out.

Following debates and new expertise the city council invested another 330,000 euros in new LEDs but keeping the infrastructure. This time the result is spectacular.

The scaffolding around the steeple should disappear by the end of the year (©BZ/Thomas Kunz)
The total electrical power used is only 1.3 kilowatts and the new light sources should last at least 20 years, too long for Red Baron to check.

Lagniappe: Americans always wonder why Germans are crazy about white asparagus. Here is what Elisabeth and I had today on Easter Sunday.

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  1. Wow! Bravo! What an accomplishment on the lightning, what a beautiful structure to illuminate! I spoke to my son up in Holland this past weekend and they too were enjoying there asparagus, the white variety. I said don't they call it spargel there as well? Nope dad, just in Germany!