Sunday, August 26, 2018


... and early to rise (©NDR/Extra3)
Intelligent, ambitious, and attractive Sahra Wagenknecht, whip of Die Linke, Germany’s left-wing party in the Bundestag (federal parliament), founded „#aufstehen“, a collective left movement. The movement shall rise against „social injustice“ in my country. The rassemblement* states that wages and retirement benefits are too low, prices for housing are too high, few people get rich, many more become poor, i.e., the whole spectrum of “socialism”. One year ago in a blog “Socialism for Pedestrians" Red Baron tried to explain that socialism has little in common with communism.
*I like that French word. Whenever something goes wrong in our neighboring country there will be a rassemblement du peuple.

Officially the left movement will be launched on September 4, but thanks to the bid for supporters on their website their number already surpassed the 85.000 mark.

When presenting her movement Sahra said, “Our goal is, of course, other majorities in the Bundestag resulting in a new government with a social agenda.” This sounds like "Bernie Sanders heavy" while already his light version of socialism is indigestible for most Americans. Mind you in nearly all European countries free education and Medicare for all are no longer an issue.

Sahra’s party Die Linke is not amused and sees its own chances dashed. But Sahra declared, “We want something new: not a party, but a movement for all those who want a common fight for our goals. The parties of the left-liberal spectrum, the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Left, have not succeeded in forging a reliable alliance bringing about a change of government in Germany with different political concept.”

Populism left and light? So far only right populism is rising around the world following POTUS the master. His epigones are Orban in Hungary, Zeman in the Czech Republic, Duda in Poland, Erdogan in Turkey, Conte in Italy, and last not least Macron in France.

Already before the official start of Sahra‘s populist rassemblement cabaret artists are mocking.

What an ingenious pun (©NDR/Extra3)

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