Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Tropical Heat Wave

Marilyn Monroe once made the song about A tropical heat wave popular.  The text has a tailor-made ending, “Gee, her anatomy, Makes the mercury, Jump to ninety-three.” Well, during the recent weeks we encountered higher temperatures than the corresponding 34 ⁰C.

It is not so much the heat that is annoying but what is worrying is the drought. Over the last three weeks, we had no substantial rain in Freiburg and its surroundings. All over Germany farmers are moaning. In particular in northern Germany - generally soaked with rain coming in from the west - more than 50% of the crops are lost.

Here is a local picture of the Stühlinger Kirchplatz. Instead of a green meadow, people are lying on an alliterated Steppe im Stühlinger. In the back is the Church of the Sacred Heart. The formerly green church square served as an art object before.

©JKI/Der Sonntag
Freiburg's river the Dreisam is falling dry.

While within the city boundaries bathers still enjoy what is left of the water ...

... further downstream the remains trickle away in the gravel bed.

©Der Sonntag
Those who suffer most are the fish both from the lack of sufficient fresh supplies and the high temperature of the remaining water.

©Der Sonntag
The photo shows a dying animal but again here a local picture of fish coming to the surface gasping for oxygen is as heartbreaking. This happens at the Waldsee a small lake in a forest nearby. The fire brigade has started to pump out the water splashing it back in the hope that it may absorb some oxygen from the air.

A little rain is expected for next Tuesday. False alarm again?

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