Friday, August 17, 2018

Strips Are Falling On My Head

©BZ/Rita Eggstein
There is more to the tropical heat in Freiburg than drought. Two weeks ago a small piece of metal fell off the front of Freiburg’s university library (UB). The lamella made from stainless steel measures 4  by 16 centimeters and has sharp edges. In spite of the fact the piece only weighs 20 grams, its impact was enormous.

The lamella (©Private)
I was not really surprised for Freiburg's new UB is always good for a surprise. Red Baron reported about the granite surface outside made from Vietnamese basalt stones allegedly mined by children, reflections of the April and the October sun in the glass facade of the library annoying drivers, and a lack of space for the parking of bicycles in front of the building.

Why the metal lamella came down is not clear yet but experts guess that the adhesive bond with which it was fixed failed because of the heat. Yes, instead of screws and rivets modern construction relies more and more on gluing techniques.

As a consequence, the area around the building was spaciously cordoned off. Initially access to the UB was only allowed through the bicycle basement, but finally, a protective tunnel to the main entrance was built while experts are still investigating.

Note the reflection of Kollegiengeb√§ude I that is located on the other side of the street (©BZ)

I like raindrops falling on my head rather than metal lamellae.

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