Saturday, August 11, 2018

Honor to the German House

The Gasthof "Zum Deutsches Haus", dates back to the 13th century. On the Sickinger plan, an old city map of Freiburg from 1549, the place is marked by an arrow and is easily located. The present building dates back to 1779.

Recently the German House was included in the list of Baden's historical inns. The B├Ąchle (brooklet) marked on the old plan running in front is still there.

All photos above ©Zum Deutschen Haus

On the occasion, some well-known Freiburg gentlemen are shown at the entrance to the building.

From the right: The “patron” of the house, Toni Schlegel, proudly presents the seal of quality. Of the others, Red Baron knows well the tall younger guy, Joachim Scheck, head of the VISTAtour guided tours and the person to the left, Peter Kalchthaler, city historian, head of the Freiburg City Museum and deputy director of Freiburg's Augustiner Museum, with whom Red Baron made several historical journeys most noteworthy to the cathedrals in the north (1, 2) and in the south (3, 4) of France and into Lutherland (5, 6).

Congratulation for an award well deserved. Mind you nowadays the Haus serves the best beer in town straight from the cask. Why? It’s a slow beer. You don't just fill the glass but rather take your time, i.e., at least five minutes so that a fine white persistent head may slowly build up. Although my American friends always like their beer too cold here in Freiburg at the Deutsches Haus the draft beer is served with the ideal temperature.

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