Sunday, October 5, 2014

More about Merkel's Rhombus

In an earlier blog I deliberated on Merkel's rhombus. Whenever Angela addresses a crowd here hands form a rhombus possibly a sign of concentration.

The latest gossip goes in the direction that our chancellor is forming the sign for the female reproductive organ. I his blog Anatol Stefanowitch, professor of linguistics! in Berlin, however shows that vagina in the German Sign Language is not at all an open rhombus.

In the American Sign Language the sign for the vagina is a rhombus but it is flipped with the index fingers pointed toward the ground, the thumbs toward the sky and the other fingers tucked under as presented in the following picture:

Note the difference! Angela is not tucking her fingers under as Professor Stefanowitch stresses in his blog Merkels versaute Raute (Merkel's filthy or rather screwed up? rhombus).

Swiss Sign Language (©AS)
Michel Obama (©LDCB)

In the Swiss Sign Language, however, the vagina is presented by a rhombus but again the fingers are not tucked under.

In addition the web site Life During the Commercial Break presents a picture of Michelle Obama. She is, as they write, showing us her family values.

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