Sunday, October 12, 2014


No, this blog is not about a fest in winter time.

In recent years it became a custom or should I rather say an annoying custom that "lovers" decorate bridge railings with padlocks. A few months ago this practice had a dramatic effect on a bridge in the City of Love (where else?) when due to the additional load one of the railings broke and fell into the Seine river.

Cologne is not Paris. The following photo with the cathedral in the background I took on Hohenzollernbrücke four years ago,

but this is nothing compared with what my son saw in the Netherlands on a bridge over a canal in Amsterdam a week ago.

Freiburg had been spared somewhat. Only recently a few padlocks appeared on the Luisensteg footbridge spanning the Dreisam river.

When I passed the footbridge yesterday I was surprised. Lovers had crocheted a sort of wristlet for the handrail. Well, with the cold season approaching is it not quite natural to make the handrails winterfest (winter proof)?


  1. Saw this on the little Holbeimpferdle in Günterstal, too. Nice and lighter, too.

    1. Wat will de Gaul mit 'nem Vorhängeschloss?