Sunday, February 1, 2015

Freiburg's New Soccer Arena

Today Red Baron voted on a new soccer arena for Freiburg. The SC Freiburg soccer team plays in Germany's First Bundesliga (Federal Division) and receives the guest teams in a stadium where the playing field actually is 4.5 meters too short and in addition slants by 1 meter over its length. The capacity of the present Dreisamstadion is limited to 24 000 spectators so it was high time either to enlarge the present facility or build a new one.

Artist's view: The site of the new soccer arena for Freiburg at the airport.
The broad curved street in front is Madison Allee.
To the right is Freiburg's exhibition ground with halls and parking lots.
The blue buildings in the foreground on the left belong to the technical faculties of Freiburg's University.
The land along the air strip further up is actually undeveloped;
the fictitious buildings just illustrate possible extensions for the university and
the future soccer arena is situated in the background (©HHVision).
The cost for a new arena is 70 million euros, the expense for the necessary infrastructure around the new facility will amount to another 47 million. Taxpayers' money will be involved up to 38 million euros, a figure that does not please everybody.

And as it is written: Then the ... "elders of the people assembled in" Freiburg's  city hall together with Mayor Salomon, voted 33 to 10 in favor of new stadium, and then "they schemed": Let us cover our ***es and have a public vote "or there may be a riot among the people". To make a long story short, Freiburg's Municipal Council decided on November 18, 2014, to build a new soccer stadium in the Wolfwinkel (wolf's corner) near Freiburg's local airport. We, the people, had the final say today on February 1, 2015.

The battle of posters (©BZ)
When in early January Red Baron received his polling card he did not find any indication about what he should vote on. This lack of information prompted Germany's SpaƟpartei (fun party) Die Partei to put up posters suggesting that on February 1, voters should neither check yea nor nay but rather vote for their party.

Endorsement for Die Partei
Although in the beginning  of the campaign many people thought that a positive outcome of the vote was a mere formality lately the adversaries brought up some good arguments with respect to the financing of the project.

Yesterday Freiburg's soccer team played Frankfurt in the Dreisamstadion and won 4 to 1. This was a good omen, for tonight at 1900 hours the dice were cast. The people of Freiburg decided 58% to 42% in favor of the new soccer arena. However, voter turnout was only 45% of the electorate.

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